2014-2015 Kindergarten Pre-Registration

The link to the pre-registration form has been removed. Please call the school at 353-9333 between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm to pre-register.

Tiger Tales

Click here to read this weeks Tiger Tales.  For pervious Tiger Tales go to Parent Information.

Withdrawal Committee

Parents and Community Members:

In November, Freeport citizens voted to form a Withdrawal Committee to negotiate a withdrawal agreement with RSU5. State law requires a second vote by Freeport after completion of the Agreement before the withdrawal process is finalized. If Freeport votes down the Agreement, the RSU will continue in its current formation.

Spelling Bee

On Thursday, January 16th, Durham Community School's top students from the class level Spelling Bees in grades 5 through 8 competed for the school wide championship.

Representing 5th grade were Tyler Harris, Jacob Miller, and Elias Thomas; representing 6th grade were Rebecca Packard and Maggie Riendeau; representing 7th grade were Sera Bigelow and Ben Delong; and representing 8th grade were Alyson Cass and Kaia Williams. 

Hour of Code

Durham Community School is participating in The Hour of Code (http://csedweek.org/) during the week of December 9th. The Hour of Code is designed to familiarize students of all ages with Computer Science and Computer Programming. If you are interested, there are many self guided activities available here, http://csedweek.org/learn.

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