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Staff Documents & Forms


Business Office Forms

Direct Deposit Form
403b Salary Reduction Agreement
403b Annuity List
403b Information
403b Meaningful Notice
2022 Federal W-4 Form
2020 Maine W-4 Form
2022-2023 Pay Dates
2020/21 Warrant Schedule

Expenditure/Mileage Reimbursement Form 2021
Course Reimbursement Initial Request

Policy GCQCA-School Unit Employee References
Staff Injury/Accident Report - Supervisor's Report
Staff Injury/Accident Report - Employee's Incident Report

Authorization to Release/Exchange Information

District and School Documents

Procedures - Dangerous Behavior by Student
Report of Dangerous Behavior by Student
Final Report - Dangerous Behavior by Student
Suicide Screening Form

Collective Bargaining Agreements
2021-2024 Educators Agreement
Article 8 (F) MOU
New Stipend Request Form

2020-2023 Educational Support Professionals 
Article 13 and Appendix C

Benefits Summaries

2020-2021 Laugh and Learn Employees
2020-2021 Classified Support Employees
2020-2021 Classified Professional Employees
2020-2021 Data Project Manager

Job Descriptions

Non-Athletic Stipend Job Descriptions
View All Job Descriptions

Educator Certification

Local Credentialing Committee webpage
RSU No. 5 Local Credentialing Plan


Administrative Secretary/Office Secretary
Printing Clerk
Bus Driver / Van Driver / Custodian / Head Custodian
Maintenance / Grounds
Educational Technician
School Nutrition
Classified Support Staff
Classified Professional Employee
Principal's Professional Growth and Evaluation Handbook
Educator Professional Evaluation and Professional Growth Handbook

Appendix A: Professional Practice Rubrics
Appendix B: Sample E-Portfolio
Appendix C: Professional Evaluation Summary Page
Appendix D: Directed Growth Plan Template
Appendix E: List of Educators with Role Specific Rubrics

RSU5 Peer Mentor and Support Handbook